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Roll anywhere! Obstacles and gravity are no barrier for the ground-to-air RC Air Hogs Rollercopter. With its exterior rolling cage, pilots can drive across the ground, roll up walls, fly through the air or even roll across the ceiling. The cage also acts as a durable shield, protecting your heli from walls or other obstacles and preventing unforeseen crashes. It’s a ground and air RC Heli made for non-stop action! The Air Hogs Rollercopter - Roll anywhere!

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  • Roll anywhere! At lower power, Rollercopter will drive across the ground in its rolling cage. Throttle up to max power to take to the air and fly.
  • With its exterior rolling cage, you can roll it on the ground, up walls and even across the ceiling.
  • Rollercopter's durable rolling cage also acts as a protective shield, allowing it to bump into walls or objects without damage or crashing.
  • The Air Hogs Rollercopter is made for pilots ages 8+ and requires 6 AA batteries to power the controller/charger.





No matter how you smash this thing, you’re not really going to hurt it. And believe me, we did try.



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