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Thunderbird 1 Blaster

Thunderbirds are go! Join the rescue mission with the Thunderbird 1 Blaster from Air Hogs. Take control and pilot the Thunderbird 1 — Scott Tracy’s First Response Rocket Plane! This foot powered rocket launches up to 30-feet in the air, and can be launched again and again for non-stop fun and adventure. Relive your favorite missions from Thunderbirds Are Go with the Thunderbird 1 Blaster from Air Hogs!

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£ 19.99


  • Authentic Thunderbird 1 design from Thunderbirds Are Go TV show.
  • Blasts up to 30-feet in the air!
  • Foot powered rocket can be launched again and again.
  • Thunderbirds Stomp Rocket is for ages 5+. No batteries required.


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